Making sense of sensing

Real-time continuous monitoring sensors & analytics platform.
Our Story

We are a passionate team of clinicians, researchers & engineers set out to make health monitoring easy & effortless for everyone. We

Our Vision

To help clinicians make faster & better decisions in order to improve the healthcare outcomes and enable people to live with confidence & ease.


We have developed a real-time continuous monitoring platform consisting of bio-chemical sensors, electrical sensors & analytics back-end. Our platform is designed for use during surgeries &  implantable biosensors for patients 



Continuous Monitoring Sensors

Our prime focus is on real-time continuous monitoring of body physiology. We develop real-time sensors that give insights into an individuals health status in a convenient way. Our mission is to help help people live their lives confidently and help clinicians make faster & better decisions to improve healthcare outcomes. 

Connected Healthcare Solutions

Our transceiver platform can couple with our implantable sensors and intra-operative sensors besides any other other sensor having standard interfacing to link it with our cloud based Dynamix back-end via our API's to give deep insights & personalize treatment or therapies. The communication is encrypted at all stages to  keep privacy & confidentiality at the top of our checklist.

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